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3.5Dark Secrets is a collection of two paranormal stories the first one being Legacy of Lies, and the second one being Don't Tell While I really enjoyed the first story, and read it quite quickly, I did not like the second story that much, and I found it to be really boring at times (it took me two months to finish it) If you want a quick read with an interesting mystery element and quite an unexpected ending, I would suggest checking out Legacy of Lies However, you can skip the second story, unless you want to get into a reading slump, like I did. OMG i brought this book the other day and started to read it at 4 in the evening and finished at 10 it was that good the first one legacy of lies in my opion is the best its about a girl named megan who as been invited to her 'grandmothers' house but doesnt want any thing to do with her and then she meets her cousin but megan was adopted so she feels an attraction to matt but he doesnt feel one for her then megan starts to see avrils ghost her grandmothers sister.But megan soon finds out that she is avril reincarinated and they look alike and megan has come back to kill the person who killed her in her past life and it was lynda the ending was soo sweet with matt and megan and how they end up together but i do have to say dont tell was good as well wich is about lauren moving back to her god mothers house (aunt) then she runs into her old friend nick who is dating her cousin holly but nora is out of control and seeing laurens moms ghost or she thinks she is then lauren goes to a school prom with a boy named jason but it doesnt end to good then after what happened nick drives lauren home and they end up kissing then after that jason and his friends throw lauren into a river after that lauren gets locked into a boat house nad its about to be set on fire and noras in there and she has a nudge againts lauren because of what holly said to her after that they find out that holly her cousin killed her mum sonya and tryed to kill her but thats when the twist came insonya wasnt laurens mother she was her auntie and her godmother (auntie) was her mother and that means that holly and nora are her sister then after that nick and lauren start dating and it was such a sweet ending and if u liked this book i suggest u read kissed by an angel which was also a very good book and i also suggest u read vampire academy and nightworld books which were fantastic but were written by different authours I usually don't write reviews, but this one totally deserves it!! It was an absoulute masterpiece! I couldn't rest till i finished the whole book! Both the books Legacy of Lies and Don't Tell were amazing! Packed with mystery, suspense, supernatural and romance by no account did it ever become unexicting to read! To sum it up it was a short, fast paced novel that keeps you guessing till the end!!!! :D Can't wait to read the next one! Update 01/02/2017 (New Years Day)I finally got round to finishing the second novel in this twobook collection! Enjoyed it as much as the other times I've read these two :D Original June 2628 2011THIS WAS AMMMMAAAAAZZINNGG!!!!Like with any books that I picked up first based on the cover I was a little hesitant That's why this double was at the very bottom of my TBR pile that was currently piling up in my room Weelllll I can say I am genuinely surprised This was brilliant, absolutely brilliant.Okay so there are two stories in this double edition, the first one Legacy of Lies is the story of Megan Tilby, who goes to visit her grandmother in Wisteria She wants absolutely nothing to do with the grandmother as she hasn't spoken properly to her mother for years When she arrives though strange things happen, and they become evenstranger as family histories start to unravel A twisted love triangle and fatal consequences are all part of her 2 week stay.Don't Tell The second story follows Lauren and her past She returns to her home town seven years after her mother died there to stay with her aunt Like the first story, not all is as it seems Nora who had seen Lauren's mother last alive is neurotic and water phobic Holly acts as though she is Lauren's best friend Before she knows it, Lauren is wrapped up in a series of events that might leave her dead.Mystery and romance and a little bit of the supernatural Creepy and twisted, and very entertaining, Legacy of Lies and Don't Tell are certain to leave you wanting for !I couldn't stop flipping the pages of Legacy of Lies and the same with Don't Tell Chandler has written two beautifully electrifying novels in these two, that arethriller orientated than romantically SHe weaves the stories with ease and grace The characters are interesting And it's something you don't see this sort of novel any.Personally Legacy of Lies was my favourite of the two, but I can't wait until I read the other Dark Secrets novels before I judge.So overall You'll life this book definitely if you loved Wake by Lisa McMann, Sleepless by Thomas Fahy, and J C Burke's The Red Cardigan and Nine Letters Long the two seperate books in this one were better reading them the first time around.the second time i realized they were boring and dry and that the characters weren't all that likeable.especially in the first book, the main character(megan) was downright rude and i don't see how anyone could like her.and matt was apparently 'thomas' reincarnated..which was matt's and megan's grandmother's old boyfriendwhich was a little creepy.doesn't that mean matt and his grandma would have romantic feelings toward eachother?! GROSS!since megan was her grandmother's sister reincarnated and that she had stolen thomas ages ago from the grandma,then that meant that megan and matt liked eachother.they were cousins in the book!i admit,they aren't cousins by blood,but it's still nasty! you're FAMILY for goodness sakes! two other people were reincarnated in the book.i was starting to think the whole dang town was reincarnated!in the second book,the main character didn't really show the right emotions at the right times.like people would say completely rude/bizarre things and she'd be like 'i couldn't believe they were saying this'.except she thought it,she never said it out loud or confronted anyone or yelled or anything like a normal person would do.maybe elizabeth chandler has the same problem that lauren kate does.the characters never show the right emotions because they're not sure how they should act.so 'i don't understand why they were saying this' is all the emotion they can show..or emotion they could think,i should say.and i felt like the story wasn't developed enough or that elizabeth chandler really thought it through enough.like,they never really explained why the girl in the story(i think her name was nora)was making knots in everythingor why she was so deranged.and let me tell you,the girl was CRAZY! i would have checked her into the nearest psyche ward.and both times i read it,i kept thinkin of her as a young kid when in fact,she was like sixteen.also,towards the end of the book when holly is sitting in the chair, something reaches for her hair,like a cord,or maybe it was her hair tying into a knot.yeah,i think that's it.it wasn't really clear to understand,and i still don't get the book.anyway,we never found out what was making her hair tie into a knot.was it a ghost?? i think the main character did't even have holly arrested after she found out she killed her mom when they were younger.i understand she was a child thenbut she tried to kill you/harm you multiple times and yet you don't want her punished.or maybe she was punished..i don't remember.so many things didn't make sense in here and they were never explained.these books definitely lose their charm after the first time reading themif they had any charm to begin with. I bought this book this weekend and i gotta say i loved these stories i dont really care for Mysterys much but i just could not stop reading this book i had to find out what happends or else i would be thinking about it all night! The first story is about Megan and she is staying with her Grandma and shes a total drag shes mean and doesnt talk very much and when she does she snotty Megan is trying to stay out of trouble but she relized that her grandmother doesnt like her too much because things around the mansion are missing and no one knows why not even Megan and she is getting blammed for all of this crap but later in the story megan figures out what is bothering her gandmother so much and its a huge mess and Megan needs to investagte the past and figure out how she can fix all of this The second story i did not like as much as the first becuase the ending wasnt very good it left me with me wantingits about Laauren going back to visit the town(the town is the same from the first story and also some of the same charaters) where her mom died she drowned but threw out this story she kinda descoversabout he rself and about her family and even uncovers some thing about her mother and her mothers death that she didnt relize. In Legacy of Lies, Megan is invited to stay with her uptight and judgmental grandmother It’s bad enough that Megan doesn’t want to be there in the first place, but it’s also clear that she isn’t entirely welcome there either When strange nightmares that seemlike memories start to coincide with rumors of a family secret, Megan wants to dig deeper and find out the truth Unfortunately, the truth may have deadly consequences In Don’t Tell, Lauren finally revisits her godmother in the town where her mother drowned seven years earlier The place is plagued by memories, including the most unpleasant one, as well as somethingBut as soon as Lauren settles in, she is the object of strange events—the same ones that occurred before her mother’s death It turns out, that drowning seven years ago may not have been an accident—and Lauren may be next.Dark Secrets contains two separate but very similar stories about the past, supernatural events in the present, and the lies running through all of this In a nutshell, these stories are paranormal mysteries with a hint of romance The first part of this equation, the paranormal mystery, works well for both stories Chandler’s skillful writing draws readers quickly into all the unusual situations she creates What I didn’t like as much was the romance In both of the stories, the heroine predictably ends up falling in love with a guy, but for me, this deep love was a little hard to believe as it was always so sudden andabstract than concrete The attraction was obvious, but it doesn’t translate that quickly into something so profound Nevertheless, the stories in Dark Secrets are highly interesting and enjoyable for their supernatural elements.Dark Secrets will be enjoyed by fans of Kissed by an Angel, also by Chandler, Dark Visions by L.J Smith, and Possessed by Kate Cann Personally, I liked Kissed by an Angel better, maybe because I bought into that romance, but Dark Secrets is still a great read.reposted from So so so many suprises I love the story People will love this if they're interested with mysteries and suspense Thumbs up! (FREE PDF) ì Dark Secrets 1 : Legacy of Lies and Don't Tell ⚛ Two girls haunted by the pastd destined to relive it In Legacy of Lies, Megan has to stay with the uptight grandmother she wants nothing to do with She's determined to get through the visit without any drama, but when she falls into a twisted love triangle with potentially fatal consequences, Megan may be caught up in her family's legacy in ways than she realizes In Don't Tell, Lauren knows that by returning to the town where her mother drowned seven years ago, she'll be reliving one of her most haunting memories When she arrives, she is propelled into a series of mysterious events that mimic the days leading up to her mother's death Maybe her mother's drowning wasn't an accident after alld maybe Lauren is next 3.5 stars