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Another wonderful Willems book that kept both my 5 yr old and twin 3 yr olds fascinated Not enough words to be even a reading level 1 book, Willems still has a way about him to bring the reader into his wonderful world These books are ones my whole family loves And a fellow friend on GR recently told me that the pigeon was hidden in each book and we now love to look for him too! Fun for all and a great addition to any children's library! I swear the theme of this book isaimed at parents going to dress party than children heading out to a birthday party I never worried about what theme it was and my parents chose what I was going to wear But still uber cute. Elephant and Piggie show new emotions and excited antics in this lovely book geared for young readers Piggie receives an invitation to a party, but is unsure what to expect Gerald is happy to help, asking what sort of party they might be attending Fancy? Pool? Costume? Gerald and Piggie are ready for anything and enjoy preparing for the festivities When Gerald and Piggie make their way to the actual party, it was one thing they could not have predicted, but a wonderful party all the same Neo loved this book, partially because he loves parties and celebrating with others While we are on vacation, he is having tons of fun partying with his cousins. Piggie is invited to a party and Gerald knows parties, so he helps her choose an appropriate outfit! The ending made me chuckle, and, come on, we have all been there, trying tons of outfits when we don't know hwat to expect :) ! Four yearolds found this cute little story hilarious, and fortunately the illustrations and comic timing of the simple dialogue is enough to make even a goodhud adult chuckle. It has never happened that we are invited to a party and we didn't do brainstorming about what to wear. Mummy finally is borrowing this series in order, and this is the third Elephant and Piggie book in the series, but like the sixth that I’ve read I’m starting to really like them Mo Willems has writtten sooo many books! He probably the most published children’s author out there! Daddy said Mo is a man who used to work on Seasame Street, how interesting! I left a nice big drool handprint on page 5 for the next reader as a sign of my appreciation. My Son was given a Mo Williams book for his 3rd birthday. He loved it..and laughed at the facial expressions that Elephant would make I bought himbooks, and he loves each one My son just turned 6 these Mo Williams books are still his favorite books Always asks me to read them to him Still cracks up each time.They are very well written and very cute stories The pictures are very clear and cute Especially Elephant's expressions and what he says, makes my son laugh every time Im using these books now to help him read, and he is reading well each time.Highly Recommend these books. All of them. :) 10/10 ( I dont have A Son) That moment when we all are invited to a party Andthan going to the party, we all are excited as to what to dress up in!Piggie is in dilemma and our Elephant can't bail her out.They say a friend in need, is a friend indeed.But best friends add to the confusiontimes than not! :D ^Read Pdf ✙ Elephant & Piggie: I Am Invited to a Party! ⇯ Gerald is careful Piggie is notPiggie cannot help smiling Gerald canGerald worries so that Piggie does not have toGerald and Piggie are best friendsIn I Am Invited to a Party! Piggie is invited to her first party She doesn't know what to wear, though, so she asks her best friend Elephant for help Elephant's advice is odd to say the least, so Piggie will try on all sorts of zany outfits before finally arriving at the party for a hilarious surprise