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A clever idea that is a spinoff of what happens all the time in books, fairytales, especially ;) When pig and a princess accidentally trade places, the farmers who had the pig think that good fairies must have turned their piglet into a baby because they had been so good while the king and queen think an evil fairy must have changed their baby girl into a piglet because they had not invited her to the christening Various other fairytale cliches are covered in a fresh, funny light as the story unfolds The illustrations are adorable! Overall, though, I didn't love this as much as most GoodReads reviewers did I guess I felt rather sorry for the pig, and for the prince, so it was hard for me to find this wholeheartedly humorous Still, if the concept sounds appealing, I would recommend reading it because most people did love it. Another great pick from Auntie Jill We read this book at least once a week, usually at Charlotte's request She loves reading about the pig and princess who switched places A repeated line in the book is that it's the sort of thing that happens all the time in books and I can't wait for Charlie to understand the references as she grows up and we readclassic fairytales.Also, amidst all the princess craze, I love the book's message that you don't have to be a princess to be happy. It's conflicting to rate this book because I like the illustrations but the story is insulting It's enough that Americans portray the Spanish princesses and Queen as ugly, bird or pig looking but to actually write a story written in Spanish about a pig princess is crossing the line The nefarious mother (view spoiler)[drops the daughter from a high tower because the baby soiled her pampers And it doesn't have a happy ending with the daughter returning to her parents because she was better off with the farmers (hide spoiler)] I'm rather jaded by fairytale takeoffs, but this very short children's story, where an infant princess and a piglet switch places, is really a hoot Callouts to multiple fairy tales and classic stories The Prince and the Pauper, Sleeping Beauty, Thumbelina, etc all very well done.Update: I read this to the kids (5 3), and they were completely nonplussed Too many of those callouts which I loved, perhaps? Maybe this would work better for older children.ME 4/5THEM 2/5 I signed Autumn up for the Summer reading competition at the library Yes, babies under 1year can join! Lol I read this adorable book to her before going to daycare This is a cute and funny book with beautiful illustrations We will probably add this book to our home collection. My favorite part of the book was when they show the princess as a baby The illustrations were so cute! So what would happen if accidentally a princess switched places with a pig? You would have a crazy adventure where each of the families blames a fairy for their new predicament If only the queen hadn’t dropped her baby, squeamish over her dirty diaper and that baby hadn’t fallen down over the balcony Lucky though, she lands in a farmer’s cart which was loaded with straw Her hard fall causes the piglet who was laying in the cart to leap out of the cart and fly into the castle and land into the princess’s cradle Upon discovery, the parents each blame a fairy whether it be the good fairy for bringing a child which they could not conceive or a bad fairy for they did not invite her to the baby’s christening, for blaming a fairy is the right thing to do The children grow and life is so different for these two children, being raised in two different households Will it ever be discovered that they were switched and does it really matter? As the story continues, there are some tough decisions that need to be made and I have to wonder if I would make these same decisions myself This is a great story as each family learns to accept their new situation and would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s library The illustrations are wonderful and bring energy to the story The characters are bright and lively and their facial expressions are marvelous. *DOWNLOAD EPUB ⇣ The princess and the pig ↛ There's been a terrible mixup in the royal nursery Priscilla the princess has accidentally switched places with Pigmella, the farmer's new piglet The kindly farmer and his wife believe it's the work of a good witch, while the illtempered king and queen blame the bad witchafter all, this happens in fairy tales all the time! While Priscilla grows up on the farm, poor yet very happy, things don't turn out quite so well for Pigmella Kissing a frog has done wonders before, but will it work for a pig?Sure to hog all the attention, this story's frequent nods to wellknown fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty, The Frog Princess, and Thumbelinaplus hilarious illustrationswill delight readers of any age The Princess and The Pig is not your typical princess book A poor farmer and his little piglet are passing by the castle one fateful day when a mishap causes the piglet to swap places with the new born princess The king and queen figure that they have been cursed (for their daughter to have been turned into a pig) and the farmer and his wife think that they must have been blessed (to have the piglet turn into the child that they have always wanted.) The pig was raised as a princess and the princess was raised as a peasant Many years later when the farmer realizes what happened the honest and selfless farmer and his wife attempt to right the wrong and return their beloved daughter to the palace.Their attempt is rejected as the King and Queen think the story foolish accuse the farmer of trickery The three return to their life on the farm and we see that the princess was much happier there than she ever would have been as a princess A charming story full of fun and colorful illustrations. Audience: PrimaryGenre: Picture/ComedyPreReading Strategy: First linesScript:I would introduce the book to the children I would read aloud the first sentence of the book.Not that long ago, in a kingdom not far from here, a farmer was traveling home from the market with a cartload of straw (Emmett, 2011).With this, I hope to get children thinking of different ways the story to go I would start off by asking questions like, Where is he going with a cartload of straw? Is there anything else in that cart? I would have them shout out predictions, where I would write it up so they could see them This would open up for the kids to discuss about predictions in the books After we've read the book, I would have the kids think about their original predictions and compare them to what really happened in the story They could also take this and make predictions of what might have happened after the story.